Auto-Ferrivia - Auto-Ferrivia

A U T O - F E R R I V I A
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Who and what is AUTO-FERRIVIA?

  • AUTO-FERRIVIA is a group of Railway specialists and experts in infrastructure, operations and rolling stock.

  • AUTO-FERRIVIA provides alternative ideas in development and digitalisation of the railways.

  • AUTO-FERRIVIA is financing all development for the OeBB – pilot.

  • AUTO-FERRIVIA is not part of the smartrail 4.0 program of SBB, BLS, SOB, RhB, TPF and VöV.

Guiding principles:
  • Utilise experiences
  • Avoid complexity
  • Protect investments
  • Involve users
Südstrasse 5
CH-4922 Bützberg
Last update: 25.01.2020
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